Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

Duel of the Newtypes : challia Bull vs Amuro Ray

using HG age-2 DB as the base kit for RX-78-2 evolve, n SB on the Braw Bro

more pic at here

Braw Bro Evolve custom

i dont like the Braw Bro in either anime version and evolve version, it look like a bug
so... i make my own version based on it mega particle gun in evolve.

more pic here

HG RX 78-2 evolve 15 version

more pic here

WIP RX 78-2 evolve 15

such a rush project --"

RX 78-2
-base kit > HG age-2 DB
-leg > HG freedom leg
-head > HG 0 gundam (thx to arieappa)
-backpack > FG RX
-weapon > HG age-2 DB
-shield > scratch build

Braw Bro
-body > scratch build
-cockpit > office stationary
-weapon 1 > MG rezel
-weapon 2 > AG age-3 orbital
-weapon 3 > some unused part, forgot from where
-thruster > RC velg
-lego and lasy for some detail n holder

more pic here

Rabu, 24 April 2013

RX78 Evolve 15

its been a while since my last post, got a little bored  and spend my times on online gaming :D

BMKC batam model kit community hosting an event called UCWB or Universal Century Wanna Be
its a modelling competition which it main challenge is to make Universal Century line kit from other Gundam Century line

For this i will make RX78 evolve version from age-2DB, always like the evolve version although for me it looks more like strike than RX78.
Actually i already started this project about a month ago, will update the picture along the way.
stay tune guys

Senin, 03 Desember 2012

re-starting the zeta

after several weeks break from gunpla, its time to do my HGUC Zeta, its been BIB for awhile so i'm abit forgot what am i intended to do with it last time :lol:

so back from its slumber, what i do is
- add 1.5mm to the head so it will be a slight bigger
- postition the shock
- a few plaplating on its chest

for the backpack i used part from ex-model s gundam attacker
part from bawoo.
the flight stabilizer i use part from zeta, since i need 2 of those so i SB the upper part.

it looks SO heavy now...... :lol:

actually i already did ( but not finished yet) its leg
but its not jointed yet, hopefully finish it soon or maybe i just finish the upper body than move on to the other part.......... :D

Selasa, 20 November 2012

banshee cannon

finally finish my faceoff with LotD aka ilman
and still under the deadline :))

it looks good together with my unicorn (unimode)
dio sounds good, if i manage to slip it between those unfinished project (ヘ。ヘ)